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Building quality that speaks for itself.

Since the company has started in 2010, only one thing was kept in mind that we want to provide quality products to our clients. Right from choosing the right raw material for the product to dispatching that material is observed by the skilled labor with micromanagement.

R&D for new surfaces and designs is an integral part of the company. Dynamics designs and colors are created by examining the different aspects of the applications.

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Lustrous glossy effect tile comes with an excessive hard-wearing glaze which is apt for walls and floors.


Lusterlessness Porcelain Tiles are manufactured from prime glazed enameled with flatness lacquer to accord added shielding clench to your trotter. So if you are fond of natural shades with the hereditary sequel, Matt is the foremost alternative.


Stonex gives you all the latest collections of porcelain tiles inspired by beautiful natural stones across the globe.


Plaster effect porcelain tiles with different finishes and textures.


The beautiful collection of prints and unique designs.


The mixture of porcelains and minerals provides eye-catching surfaces.


Outdoor Tiles are up for grab in Rustic Finish. Its antiskid and muscular characteristics formed it more convenient and safe for outdoor lovers who like to have a walk or run. Bear resemblance to natural stone, Rustic Tile makes the aura of the home more instinctive to nature.


The wood that feels like natural one. Explore the wide range of porcelain wooden floorings in different sizes and shades.


Exclusive collection of very elegant glass tiles. Top layer of the surface is covered with fine glass to provide the mirror effect to the tile. It has a unique light reflecting surface and unlike the other regular tiles this one will stand out in the dark.

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8 best flooring tile ideas to upgrade your flooring to the latest trends.

Publish on 14-04-2222

Porcelain tile is replacing all the ancient forms of flooring, whether it is wooden flooring, stone flooring, vinyl flooring, or any other forms of flooring.  Porcelain tiles are easy to install, it is cost-effective, and long-lasting compared to the options. But there is one issue with porcelain tile, it has thousands of options to choose from and there is every...

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