To provide finest quality products to our clients is our first and the foremost priority. Our team of qualified members is always on top of the production line to achieve the desired outcome.



Time bound deliveries and safe packaging to maintain an uninterrupted business. Collaboration with top class agencies of logistics and packaging to provide world class service to our valuable clients.



Competitive rates to sell your products with confidence even to the bigger buyers where level of margin is the deciding factor. We compare our rates to the world’s major markets of porcelain tiles and then prepare our rates accordingly.

About Top Notch Tiles

We are majorly dealing with porcelain tiles and supplies mainly to the UK as well as other parts of the world. We have offices in the UK to provide better support and service to our clients in all the segments from making orders to logistics. We have company representatives in the UK who are always updated with the taste and requirements of the market and we try to provide our clients with the best suitable material for the market.

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Italian Polished

Lustrous glossy effect tile comes with an excessive hard-wearing glaze which is apt for walls and floors.


Lusterlessness Porcelain Tiles are manufactured from prime glazed enameled with flatness lacquer to accord added shielding clench to your trotter. So if you are fond of natural shades with the hereditary sequel, Matt is the foremost alternative.


Carving repercussion contemporary view Tile offers an authentic blotch reverberation by its chisel fusible effect.

60x60 60X120

Rich Satin

The smooth touch of rich satin makes you feel as if you are touching a baby's skin. It’s neither too shiny nor too matt.


This candy-coat repercussions Porcelain Tiles are assembled with certain newest robotics and grist, offering it glammy glistening view with a non-skid plane.

60X60 60X120

High gloss

Sheen tiles are in specie outlined with a high gloss reflector sequel to grant your lacuna a blazing and energetic glance for lifespan.

60X60 60X120


Outdoor Tiles are up for grab in Rustic Finish. Its antiskid and muscular characteristics formed it more convenient and safe for outdoor lovers who like to have a walk or run. Bear resemblance to natural stone, Rustic Tile makes the aura of the home more instinctive to nature.


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60×60 cm 80x80cm 60x120cm

60×60 cm 60x120cm 75x150cm

30x60cm matt finish

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