8 best flooring tile ideas to upgrade your flooring to the latest trends.

Porcelain tile is replacing all the ancient forms of flooring, whether it is wooden flooring, stone flooring, vinyl flooring, or any other forms of flooring.  Porcelain tiles are easy to install, it is cost-effective, and long-lasting compared to the options. But there is one issue with porcelain tile, it has thousands of options to choose from and there is every possible chance that you will get confused about what to choose for your flooring tile.

We are working in this industry for the last 13 years and catered to clients from many different categories. Like a house owner, a builder, a shop owner, a pub or a restaurant owner, etc. And we exactly know what to suggest to them according to their use and need.

Today the porcelain tile is available in many sizes and in different finishes. The size you can select according to the size of the area. Let’s see if the area is around 250 square feet in total then it is advisable to go for some smaller sizes of porcelain tiles like 60×60 cm or 60×120 cm.  Because if you use bigger size tiles for such small areas then the wastage of the cutting tiles would be more than normal. And it will also look like an unaligned fitting. Because if someone looks at the fitting closely they will notice that some area of the room has more joints than the other part of the room. So if your room size is smaller than 250 square feet go for the sizes I have mentioned above and if the room size is bigger than 250 square feet then you can choose from 80×160 cm or 120×24 cm.

Now the second thing to look for while selecting the right tiles is the finish of the tile. Porcelain tile is available in different finishes like polished, matt, carving (matt with some gloss effect), high gloss (mirror-like reflection), sugar finish (granule-like effect), and silk finish (in between matt and glossy).

Today I will discuss only the polished tiles. Because covering all the finishes and sizes in one blog will make it too long to read. Polished is the most popular finish of all because it is easy to clean, is cost-effective, stain-free, and germ-free surface. But it has some disadvantages as well like it is slippery when the surface is wet. So if you are above 50 years of age or have some medical condition related to walking then you should select matt finish or carving finish tiles.

Polished finished tiles are mostly comes in marble patterns. They are simply a copy of a good quality Italian marbles. Italian marbles are almost 10 times more costly than the porcelain tiles and they have some other disadvantages as well like cost of labor is high and surface of Italian marble is also not germ free. So a porcelain tiles with Italian marble designs are the most selling porcelain tiles in todays time.


Natural Calacatta is one of the pattern of statuario marble, which is the highest selling marbles of all. Statuario is also famous as all season marble because where ever you use it, it will look fantastic. You can use it in floor, kitchen wall, bathroom wall and almost every where. So if you are not sure which porcelain tile to go for, then simply go for any of the statuario marble. It will enhance the beauty of your space. This pattern will easily gel with your interior any wall color you select. We have plenty of options available in statuario marbles. You can visit our website or you can email us at [email protected]. We will help you to select the perfect tile according to your need.