Porcelain flooring tiles, a new trend for flooring.

Porcelain flooring tiles are evolving as a major competitor for all other flooring options. Wooden flooring, natural stone flooring, and PVC flooring. Customers are nowadays very much attracted towards the prints and designs available in the porcelain tile. But one more thing has been changed drastically in porcelain flooring tiles selection, earlier customers used to select some smaller sizes like 40x40cm, 60x60cm, and 80x80cm. But nowadays you see the market is going towards the bigger sizes like 80x160cm, 120x120cm, and 120x240cm.

I think this is because customers are getting the latest designs in the bigger sizes. Apart from that, the technologies used to manufacture bigger slab tiles. Which are more advanced to produce more clear designs with precision color printing. According to me, it is not more than a year where the market of flooring tiles will be captured by bigger sizes.

One more thing why bigger sizes are getting better momentum is the price factor. When these bigger sizes were introduced to the market almost a couple of years before the rates of these porcelain flooring tiles were very high. They were almost similar to original Italian marble slabs but nowadays if you compare Italian marble and replica of that marble in porcelain tiles there is a huge difference in rates. Porcelain tiles are almost 70% cheaper than the original Italian marble. Moreover, the porcelain tiles are easy to maintain,  install, and provides germ-free surface due to very low porosity.

Porcelain flooring tiles
Porcelain flooring tiles are evolving as a major competitor for all other flooring options.

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