Select the right size tiles for your bathroom.

The porcelain tile market is giving you more and more options every day. Making it difficult for customers to select the right size tile for their bathroom.

Let’s talk about the size of the tile first. Most running size for the bathroom tile is 30x60cm. This size is accepted by almost all the countries for bathroom tiling. There are so many advantages to this size. Like it is easy to install compare to bigger sizes. It is available in the ceramic body as well as the porcelain body. The porcelain body is always better when you compare it with a ceramic body. In terms of durability and glazing. But especially in bathroom renovation, where walls are not that strong as new once and you do not want to put excess weight on the bathroom walls, ceramic tiles are a more suitable option.

If you have a bigger size bathroom then there are plenty of other size options available. Like 60×60, 60×120 and 80×160. Bigger sizes are made with more advanced technologies. And therefore they look more aesthetic then smaller sizes. Other than that the bigger sizes will give lesser joints to your bathroom wall. Which makes your bathroom looks more spacious and gives a luxurious look.

The main advantage of the bigger sizes is plenty of design options. As bigger sizes are more profitable for the manufacturers they can put more resources in the research and development of the product. And as a result of that, you will see most of the latest developments in the bigger sizes compare to the smaller sizes.

Quaro Grey
Quaro Grey comes in 60×120 cm size and it is a replica of grey natural stone.

Most of the tile designs are getting inspiration from natural stones. And natural stones almost come in bigger sizes. So when you compare the replica of natural stones into smaller tiles and bigger tiles, you will find that the bigger size looks better than the smaller size.

So if the different sizes are confusing you then this article may help you. The bigger sizes of tiles are always a good option for your bathroom. But if you have a smaller bathroom and you do not want to spend too much on the tiles then small size porcelain tiles are a better option. But we are not advising ceramic body tiles if you have the option available of porcelain tiles.